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Importance of Effective Security

When you lock your doors at night and when you leave your house, you want to be able to know that they will protect your belongings for you. If your locks are not up to the task for whatever reason, then they may be putting your valuables and property at risk. Criminals know what to look for and what vulnerabilities to exploit when it comes to breaking into a home. Don’t let your home fall prey to criminals by doing everything you can to make it look like less of an easy target. Make sure your exterior lights all have fresh, energy-saving bulbs and keep the outside well-lit at night. Crime thrives in darkness and secrecy, so the more you can do to discourage that, the better.    

Residential Security Options

High Security Locks 

Your locks should create the strong foundation for your home’s protection against crime. If your locks are subpar or worn out, they aren’t providing the strong security that is required to keep thieves and other criminals out. For most high security locks, you need a key to lock and unlock them, meaning no thumb-turn mechanism on the inside of the door. These locks are manufactured to have a highly complex pin system that is very difficult for the average criminal to pick. While it’s still possible for a highly motivated criminal to force your door open with brute force, most criminals would not take the risk of the attention that such efforts would bring. Since many criminals take the easy way in, these can be a deterrent to a thief who is going through a neighborhood, looking for easy targets. 


  • Available as Knob, Lever, and Deadbolt Locks
  • Pick-Proof
  • Bump-Proof
  • Complex Pin System   

Keyless Entry

With keyless entry, you no longer have to worry about having to keep track of cumbersome keys, or the threat of said keys getting lost or stolen. Depending on the type of keyless entry you choose, all you need is your passcode number or physical data to open the door. You won’t have to search for your keys while juggling bags to bring inside from a shopping trip or otherwise having your hands full. Keyless entry offers a much higher level of security than even high-quality, tamper-proof lock hardware, as it’s much harder to bypass a keyless lock especially when it does not have an accompanying keyhole. 


  • Digital Locks
  • Keypad Locks
  • Keypad Deadbolts
  • Smart App Locks 
  • Fingerprint Locks

Alarm Systems

Some locksmith companies not only offer traditional lock security and keyless entry options, but additional security measures. One type of security that the locksmith company you choose might offer is alarm systems, although this is limited. Be sure to inquire with the locksmith company of your choosing to determine whether or not they offer this service. If they don’t offer it themselves, they may be able to recommend a security company to provide you with an effective alarm system.   

Types of alarm systems range from basic monitoring of your front door to full coverage of your entire home. High-tech alarm sensors can be affixed to all of the entry points of your home, including all windows and doors. When activated, if the connection between the sensors is broken, the alarm will sound. Then the company monitoring the alarm system (usually a third party) will attempt to contact the homeowner to determine whether to alert the police. Many homeowners find alarm systems to be more than worth the expense that they cost.   

CCTV Cameras

A final type of residential security protection that is growing in popularity are home security cameras. While these used to be reserved for the wealthy and business owners, more and more homeowners are discovering the affordable price and discreet appearance of modern security cameras. Technological advances have allowed prices to come down a great deal, and many forms of CCTV cameras are now available. Like alarm systems, CCTV cameras may or may not be a service offered by the locksmith company of your choosing may not offer this service. Monitoring is usually done off-sight for this as well, although there are homes where the monitoring is done by the homeowner or an in-home security professional. A comprehensive locksmith company that offers this service can discuss the particulars with you.   

Another option is to purchase cameras yourself to monitor your home. While these may not be as high of quality as those available from a professional, you can control the placement of the cameras and choose the size and type you would like. Footage can be saved to a flash drive, or monitored in real time, from your computer or even your phone, depending on the type of camera. These cameras are available in many different styles, including hidden cameras. They can also provide evidence in case your home does suffer a break-in or other criminal attack, which can be very helpful to police during their investigation.