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Why Have Panic Bars Installed

Chances are that you’ve been in a school, office building, hospital and shopping mall and used a panic bar. This is the door that is used to safely move large groups of people in and out. It’s usually an exit door that you just press a bar on to open. You may also hear panic bars referred to as crash bars. They are very important in safety during an emergency evaluation situation. In many cases, they have helped to save lives. Prior to panic bars being designed many tragic incidents occurred where people were trapped and couldn’t get out. The panic bar has a spring-loaded bar that is horizontally installed across the inside of your door. Once someone pushes the bar, it unlatches the lock. This makes it easy to quickly move out of the building without everyone stomping on each other to get out.

There is a reason why they have been installed in larger buildings. When you consider the amount of people that are in a larger facility, such as a hospital, it would be very important to make sure people move quickly without panicking. If people feel trapped they will panic. If they see a panic door that easily opens, they are less likely prone to panic. If you don’t have the right type of doors loss of life can occur during an emergency. If you have a lot of people running for the door at the same time and then you have people on the other side trying to run back in to get their friends or family out, this could be dangerous. With a panic bar the crowd can only move in one direction, out. In addition to this, imagine how terrible it might be if people were to be killed because they couldn’t get out.

The panic bar came into existence due to a tragedy back in the 1800’s when 180 children died because they were not able to safely get out of the building they were in. Also, in the early 1900’s, a Chicago fire killed 600 people in a theater. The loss of life prompted someone to address this problem. As a result the panic bar was created.

There are benefits to having this type of door than what is mentioned above, consider the following.

Various Options – Commercial business owners can choose from different types of panic bars. Some have alarms that will sound to let someone know that unauthorized exiting is occurring. There is also a cross bar panic bar and vertical. You can also find them at different prices and sizes. You’ll have to make sure you have the right type of panic bar placed on your door based on its size and the size of your facility.

Safety – The major benefit of panic bars is for safety purposes. It helps to effectively evacuate people without anyone being harmed. Since panic bars are installed on the interior of the door, no one from the outside can get inside. This helps to keep out people who may want to get inside to do harm to someone, including you. Again, there are some that will alert you to someone attempting to enter the building from the wrong side of the door. To be certain that your panic bar is working properly, you should only have it installed by a professional locksmith who has experience.

Lowers Your Insurance Premium – If you’re a building manager, you should know that having panic bars installed can help decrease the premium currently being spent on insurance. If you’re trying to lower your operating budget, this may not be a bad option. It will not only save you in insurance premiums but it can save your life. There is already a lot to consider when you’re responsible for a commercial property, such as adding smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and hallway and walkway lights. Add panic bars to your list and keep everyone safe at all times.

They’re Effectiveness – Now that we have discussed the purpose of a panic bar and how valuable they actually are, the fact that they are effective should be your primary concern for having them installed. In some facilities, having a panic bar is mandatory by OSHA. You might need to check your municipality to find out if this is the case for your business.

The many tragedies that have occurred over the years may have resulted in loss of life even with panic bars installed. This is true. However, it can be a lot worse without them. The one thing to always keep in mind is that everyone should remain calm in an emergency situation. Panicking will only make the problem worse, especially in an emergency situation. Panic bars enable a lot of people to swiftly move out of an area without harming themselves or others. Having panic bars can make all the difference in the world when it comes to saving lives.

If you rent in a commercial building or you own a commercial property, now is the time to evaluate your situation. If you lack sufficient security for your business, you could be held liable for loss of life or injury. Don’t put this on your plate. Take it off by investing in panic bars, which will help to benefit you in the long run. We know that you would rather not think about an emergency situation occurring but when you own a business, unfortunately you always have to be thinking on your toes. Contact our representatives to discuss your options.