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Residential Locksmith Service - Locksmith Highland Park

Look around your house and notice how many locks you see. Amazing isn't it? Front and back doors, bathroom and bedroom doors, french doors to the patio, garage doors, side gate locks, mail boxes, windows, shed doors, and on and on.

Most people have so many home locks and keys that they can't keep track of them all. Now consider how many other people have keys to those locks. Did you recently move into your home? If you did, chances are, previous residents have copies of those very same keys.

How about significant others and ex spouses? Don't forget the grown children and friends who come over frequently. Then there is the baby sitter, the dog sitter and the house sitter. Are you starting to see where we are going with this?

Locksmith Highland Park recommends that you call us when you decide to rekey any of your many residential locks. We offer free consultations and recommendations as to which of your locks to change regularly.

Here are some more of the many residential locksmith services offered by Locksmith Highland Park:

  • keyless entry installation
  • window locks installed and repaired
  • garage door and side gate locks installed
  • high security locks
  • interior doors rekeyed
  • deadbolts and peepholes installed
  • home security and safety assessment
  • free consultations
  • gun cabinets secured
  • home surveillance through your smart phone (new)
  • residential intercom systems

Don't be a hostage to your home locks. Get them fixed, improved and upgraded with guaranteed professional service from Locksmith Highland Park. Our prices are affordable, and all work is performed by well trained technicians with over 27 years of combined experience.

Ask your insurance agent about lowering your homeowners' policy premiums by installing high security locks at your residence. You will reap the benefits of having them, by saving money, as well as the added peace of mind and protection they bring you. Call us anytime, to discuss these and any other benefits of using the professional services of Locksmith Highland Park.

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